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Thread: what's your take on slim jim and beef jerkey??

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    Get yourself a food dehydrator. About $60 on Amazon. Buy your meats: chuck and flank steaks work good. Cut them into strips. Add whatever spice you like and follow the directions on the dehydrator. I've experimented a little...need to refine my technique but have made a decent batch of homemade jerky.

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    Read the ingredient list. Slim Jim's are most definitely not clean. As for beef jerky, it depends on the brand. Again, look at the ingredients for suspicious chemicals and other crap. It should read something like beef, salt, (maybe) sugar, and spices. Any more than that is your cue to drop the bag.
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    Sorry to jump in with a question of my own, but as it's somewhat related maybe it's relevant to others searching this thread as well.

    I have my own food dehydrator but I can't seem to find the right balance between having a raw middle and a completely dried out terrible tasting piece of meat. Are there any tips or do I just need some more practice?

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