Here's the situation: My grandmother and I live together. She gets social security, and I was just hired on Sams Club, so I haven't been paid yet. After bills and other fees, we have around $250 for the month to spend on food. We shop at Sam's Club, Winco, Walmart, and the .99 cent store. We like to buy all our meat for the month at once, then buy veggies by the week. Well anyway, we've sort of stagnated. I don't mind having a small selection of core meals, or the same thing day after day for lunch/dinner, but she does. So what I'd like is your help with making a new, better, improved shopping list.

Here's our typical one:

Sirloin patties package-1/3lb, 18ct
Pork chops/loins-7lbs or so
Tilapia- 20-25 fillet package
Shrimp-12oz bag
Chicken- 6lbs approx, usually thighs
Beef roast- 4-5lbs
Tuna- 30 cans(!)
Eggs- 4 18ct cartons

Green onions
Lettuce mixes
Bell peppers(on occasion)
Canned pineapple(no syrup)

Cottage cheese(4% milkfat)
Extra sharp cheddar- 2lb brick
Sweet cream butter- 2 boxes

We can't afford organic/grassfed/pasteurized yet, so any advice on cleaning up and expanding would be much appreciated. The more variety the better. Also, if possible, allow for breakfast/lunch/dinner every day. Right now we only eat breakfast a few days a week, and a salad every day for lunch. We'd like to change that.