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Thread: Crock broth boils then I turn it down to low...keeps boiling!

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    Crock broth boils then I turn it down to low...keeps boiling!

    I now recall the reason I gave my first crock pot away - 2 setting, high and low. Ugg. My broth boiled, I turned it down (chicken bone broth) and it kept a steady, albeit low, boil (definitely not a simmer). I am thinking that I just need to turn it down to "warm", wait for the boil to subside, then turn it on to low. I did NOT like the smell of this when it continued this low rolling boil. I also read that perhaps I don't EVER need it to quite hit the "boil" mark - perhaps turn it down to low once it is "just about there".

    Crock pot/bone broth makers - can you offer any words of advisement here? Thank you so much for sharing you experiences and ideas!

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    I've experienced the same thing. I think the higher end crockpots have thermostats so you can adjust the temperature. Also, if your handy, you might be interested in making your own temp controller. I haven't tried this, so I can't vouch for its effectiveness.
    How To Make And Use A Slow-Cooker Temperature Control Vapor Baker

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    If it has a warm setting, use that after it reaches a boil. Test your temperature with a ther,ometer to make sure it's staying hit enough. My warm setting is hot enough.

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