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Thread: Desperate here...

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    I recommend herbal teas from a quality supplier.

    This one is based in the UK and their teas are based on Ayurvedic medicine.
    Welcome to Pukka Herbs - Pukka Herbs incredible organic herbs

    I've tried several of their teas that claim to be uplifting/warming, e.g. 3 ginger, and ginger and lemongrass, and they're pretty effective as well as delicious IMO. The 3 fennel is deliciously sweet and calming and soothing.

    US stockists here, if you're interested:

    All Natural
    11 Perry Drive
    MA 02035
    Tel: 800-666-2225
    Fax: 508-543-5974

    Health Matters US
    3215 Broadway, Unit 101,
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225
    Tel: 1-800-304-1497
    Fax: 1-888-304-4810
    Website: Health Matters America
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    Thank you Paleo bunny! Am happily off browsing herbal teas.

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    Ah, chicory it is called. Anybody tried it?

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