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    Fat Gripz for which exercises?

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    Just got some Fat Gripz and tried them for two workouts. I was wondering which exercises they should be used for.

    I first used them for dumbbell bench presses. Since I had a hard time just picking up the dumbbells for my first warmup, I decided that this was a bad idea.

    I next used them for rows. Really felt them working my forearms, but my warmup weight became my working weight. Not sure if it's worth having to drop the weight, but I'll keep trying them and see how fast my grip improves.

    They worked really well for curls. I definitely felt them working my forearms, and I only had to drop the weight a little. Seems like this is what they were made for.

    Overhead presses were fine - didn't have to drop the weight at all. But I'm not sure if there's any benefit to using them on pressing exercises.

    I didn't even try them for deadlifts. My grip is already my limiting factor as it is.

    I saw people saying they use them for pullups and dips, but the bars I use for those are already fat.

    So, I'm thinking I'll use them for curls, overhead presses, and maybe rows. What do the rest of you use them for?
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    I think they would be great for farmer's walks.

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    arms and back. i'd be weary of using them for presses, just as a safety issue.

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    Allow me to open with one statement: I sometimes do dumb things. But so far I have not had any concerns, injuries, or close calls.

    I've had weak pipecleaner forearms since I cobbled them in the womb. So I got a pair of Fat Gripz several months ago. Tossed them on my dumbbells and knocked back something like ten pounds from what I was lifting at the time. I couldn't do a single damned rep. So I literally just started over again, doing exercises with empty dumbbells. I was able to ramp back up again pretty quickly over the weeks.

    I use them for pretty much every lift I do with dumbbells. I'm not big on using them on a barbell overall. I don't feel super comfortable with the way they're capable of sliding on the bar. Plus, dumbbells typically are lower weight than say a barbell deadlift.

    Hope this was of >0 use.

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    Farmers carries, hammer curls, maybe try light one arm deadlifts?

    I sometimes go through every single exercise in my routine that day that involves grip with very light weight as a warm up.

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    i'd be weary of using them for presses

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    Deadlifts, Rows, Farmers Walks, Chinups
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    Recently discovered this site and WOW!

    Anyway, I'm a trainer (2 decades of experience) and I've been using fatgripz for about 2 years. I can honestly say they are the biggest thing to happen to weight training in the last decade.... and because they work with the natural function of the hand (heavy things are usually large like tree trunks, not skinny like barbell handles) they are a perfect tool for all Primal Blueprint-ers

    My suggestion is this:

    Use them on everything. Reduce the weights if need be. Fatgripz work by strengthening the part of your body that makes contact with the weight on almost all exercises i.e. your hands. Hand and forearm strength is hugely underrated and fatgripz will make your whole upper body stronger by strengthening the weakest link. Take a step back to take 3 forward. They will also make all lifts much easier on your joints by shifting the full emphasis onto the muscles.

    I use them myself and with my clients on all exercises all of the time and the results have been quite incredible.

    I know most of you arent interested in muscle size but fatgripz will make your arms bigger too

    Hope this is useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirlot View Post
    Deadlifts, Rows, Farmers Walks, Chinups

    i wouldn't use them for pressing movements. kind of defeats the purpose, and is definitel a safety concern. you don't want your grip to fail with a loaded barbell over your head.

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    Curls are the best. I have added more size and strength to my arms with these things then anything. If you want to be humbled try chin-ups :-)

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