Hi all! Hoping everyone is well and safe this Sunday. I know we in the South are enjoying our first true day of Fall and those of you in the NE are in my prayers as Sandy comes through.

I need some help. I have a 13 year old 'niece' (cousins' daughter) who is very depressed. She is a twin and her sister is one of the happiest, live on the surface girls I know. But R is not. She has always been moodier than her sister and as she hits those teenage years it is getting worse. I found out yesterday she has been seeing a counselor but refuses to really talk. Her mother and step-mother who she lives with are vegetarians and she is vegan. I am convinced that this has a lot to do with what is wrong however; I have no idea how to even begin to approach this. They are surprisingly not all that open to change of any sort and of course convinced that meat is bad. R will not even eat anything w/ gelatin in it. She does trust me and will talk to me more than most so I am hoping for some ideas on how to start talking to her about changing her eating to help with the depression.

Any and all ideas are very welcome!