Here are the exercises I've been taught so far. I don't know what else will be taught to me when I have my final session. Your opinion on these, please.

- Squats (using the rack)
- Ball bridges (knees bent)
- Bench press (barbell)
- Assisted pullup
- Dumbell row
- Press (barbell)
- Planks
- Romanian deadlift (barbell)
- Cable wood chop (low to high)

Is this too many exercises to do all in one session? Are some of these superfluous? I suspect a few of them are to gain me some strength and probably also some coordination that I completely lack for more difficult things. I don't seem to have very good awareness of my body in space (my whole body's position on the planet yes, but what my arms and legs are doing? Not so much.) I also cannot do a single full pushup or pullup.

Also, what is the gym etiquette in the following situation: If I saw someone doing some amazing work, is it okay to watch, or should I only watch from far away so they don't know anybody is watching? Is it okay to talk to the person? Eventually is it okay to ask someone for tips or pointers?