...and my boyfriend's family will want us over for dinner. Their turkey is good and that's about it.
They make this NASTY sweet potato pie that's made with canned potatoes soaked in corn syrup, with more sugar added and marshmallow stuff on top. Seriously, I tried it last year before I was primal and I couldn't eat it because it was so sweet. They also do boxed stuffing, bagged/canned/jarred/whatever gravy. Blech. If I go there, all I'm going to want to eat is turkey and maybe roasted potatoes, if they don't use the pre-mashed shit that comes in a bag.
Even before primal I made (and still do) all my food from scratch, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce included. The stuff they eat in general is garbage (no real butter, tubs of "spread") and I don't like eating there anyway. His mom specifically doesn't like me because I'm "different" and I'm worried it will only cause another fight later if I don't eat the crappy food.
I thought about just spending time with my family, who at least makes their stuff from scratch still and I can justify eating it because its not garbage. I thought about using the excuse "my grandma is old, she doesn't have much time left", which is true, but still...What the hell do I do? Oh, I'm not allowed to bring food either. Maybe cranberry sauce which I did last year but no one liked it because it wasn't super sweet. I happen to be a fan of the bitter cranberry taste.