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Thread: Smoked stuff and bacon

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    Smoked stuff and bacon

    So what's the deal with bacon? Everyone seems to eat it with the paleo lifestyle but I'm not sure it's completely ok considering the rules? I mean it's not 100% natural as it has stuff added to it? Just a bit unsure about it if anyone can clarify.

    Also, what's the deal with smoked stuff? Smoked bacon, smoked salmon, cured meats etc?

    Thanks for your help everyone

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    Bacon is fine. Smoked stuff is fine unless its the "fake" smoked stuff variety. I.e. not actually smoked at all, but just a bunch of preservatives and crap to make it taste that way. As with anything the quality of meat your using will be the determining factor of how much a part of your diet the item plays.

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    It seems like everyone here goes through a pound of bacon a day because those of us who love it and denied ourselves it for a while can now have it so we wax poetic about it.

    In reality the real bacon consumption is probably medium, rather than the high it seems. For example, I looove bacon but only have it a couple times a week. It does help with sugar cravings though. Sub in bacon when you're craving a donut and that works pretty well.

    Watch out for added HFCS in your cured meats. Some do some don't.

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    Unfortunately a lot of bacon on the market is fake. Its injected with fillers, preservatives, and smoke flavoring. It never really gets cured and smoked like real bacon. That being said, if you find good quality bacon. Its a gift from whatever God you believe in. Same with other traditionally smoked meats.
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    You can overdo the smoked stuff, sure. But you can overdo everything, really. As long as you stick to the good stuff that has actually been smoked and not merely injected with "artificial smoke flavor" then you're probably fine.

    If you're still worried, buy untreated pork belly, slice into bacon slices and fry to desired crispness.

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