My life has been rather turbulent lately - in a good way, but I am afraid I've lost my focus as far as nutrition is concerned. After shedding about 100 pounds, I am still 20-30 pounds away from my target weight, but it won't be possible with the way I have been eating lately - although most of my food is home-made and unprocessed, I've been eating way too much fruit (also dried) and nuts (occasionally with a spoon of honey) between meals, rice way too often, too much chocolate (and not always the approved dark variety), some junk sweets as well. While this perhaps still falls within 80/20, I need to aim for 95/5, otherwise my weight is bound to creep up again. I feel I need to calm down and concentrate on proper eating. Past experience suggests that it will be easier with a support group. I realize it will be difficult to find buddies this time of the year because many of you want to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving delicacies, but surely I can't be the only person here worried about her expanding waistline?!

My objectives for November:
- no snacking (this rule alone will probably take care of 90% of my problems )
- reduce fruit consumption; no dried fruit whatsoever
- no honey except in cooking if I really want to try a recipe that requires a moderate quantity thereof
- no nuts
- rice/potatoes as an exception only
- a cup of broth every day or almost
- no junk, obviously
- dairy: only (clarified) butter and parmesan; other kinds of cheese only if needed for cooking (e.g. cheddar); no yoghurt
- restore work and life balance (meaning that my laptop will be switched off by 7 p.m. except in case of emergencies)
- weight loss: no specific number but I'd like to break the plateau I hit several months ago