I'm 2/3's the way thru the book Primal. Haven't come across it or it's just gone over my head. I think it's a book that needs more than a couple of read thru's to fully understand it.

I'm really going with the PB and created a journal. To help track things I eat, do etc I found a site that tells you your calories in, fat, Chol, Sod, Crb, Fib etc etc. It also tells you what "it" believes to be over and under in all categories. Is this out of whack? I mean what main stream thinks we should have?

site; Login - Everyday Health

Yesterday for example, the site says by my weight height age??? I should eat 2000 cal/day to stay where I am.

Ok, I consumed 1, 103 cal, so I had a deficit of 897 calories.

What I found interesting was, my fat I was 3.71 grams over, my Cholesterol was 296 over, carbs I was 222 UNDER, and protein 7 grams under. Now, granted I only had 28 carbs but it's saying I should have 250? According to what I read 250 grams of carbs a day is into what Mark calls the danger zone to gain weight.

I believe what the book is telling me. Just wondering if people find that the general public is this badly mislead? Seems wild to me.