I'm planning on a 3 to 4 days fast soon... I was wondering what could get me into deeper detoxing to get as much as possible out of the fast? Like the last few meals before.

I was thinking something like:


3-5 apples
3 or more kiwi fruits
Cup of spinach
50 mg Zinc Gluconate(antioxidant)

3 apples
2 kiwi fruits
Cup of spinach

2 apples
2 pears
Kiwi fruits
Cup or two of spinach
50mg Zinc Gluconate

I will be sick of the apples, but I'm in it for that pectin phytonutrients(and I don't have a great variety of fruits) to help clean my colon. Also want pears to help clean me out and kiwi fruits for their craploads of Vitamin C, and also The zinc for obvious reasons.

For the sake of arguement:

I don't care about:
Protein, I want as little as possible to not slow my digestive system.
Muscle loss, if there is any
Weight loss
I care about:
So anything I can add to help with detoxification? I don't know if I'll have what you suggest but anything conventional or at least some what conventionally found in an average household.

Other questions I have:

Will bananas help? Or will they slow my system because of their texture?
Since I will mostly likely will not be doing anything except nothing for 3 days, will the little to no stress speed up detoxification?
And if you can point me to any link that can also assist me that would be greatly appreciated.