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Thread: Business Travel and Chinese Buffet

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    Business Travel and Chinese Buffet

    I had lunch with coworkers at a Chinese buffet place this week, and thought I would be okay just having steamed vegetables and some grilled chicken. Right after eating, I felt so thirsty I couldn't stop sucking water down, and a couple of hours later had heartburn and needed to go home with a migraine starting. There had to be MSG in the chicken even though it looked just lightly seasoned, or maybe even the vegetables.

    This was following about 10 days of eating strictly primal and feeling really good. It surprised me how I used to have big servings of fast food without any issues, and how strongly my body rejected it! I'd read about this happening to other people but never realized it would be quite so bad. On the bright side, I've finally identified a definite migraine trigger (MSG) and I've lost all remaining desire for fast food!

    Now I'm a bit worried because this is a brand new job and I don't want to seem antisocial when invited out for lunch. I also have two week-long business trips next month (with more to come) and will be eating in restaurants/hotels and having catered lunches. I'm thinking about what to bring along and ordered a couple of Paleokits to be ready. I think people will understand if I just say I have a gluten intolerance... hopefully!
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