Went out with some girlfriends last night and after chatting to a guy that seemed interested he tried to get me to consume a whiskey and coke. I told him I don't consume sugar and it would have to be diet, but that I truly prefer vodka/sodas. He thought that was weird, which I wouldn't drink regular coke before going Primal anyway, so he obviously doesn't talk to too many girls. Then he asked me which sub place was my favorite since I am from the East coast (living in Ohio). I said, well, since I don't eat bread, it doesn't really matter. That freaked him out. I said, I choose to eat mostly meat, veg and some fruit and dairy. He just didn't get it. I told him my dinner was a big, juicy steak at Brio - really good btw. That impressed him, a girl eating and loving a big steak, haha. So, as you can see, it just didn't work out overall. Other reasons too, but it would be great to find a guy that respects and enjoys the primal lifestyle too. Not that I'm perfect at it. Of course, I would not mind introducing an open-minded guy to it.

Anyway, this just adds a new box on the checklist for someone - must be open to my primal lifestyle.