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Thread: Trying to fix my posture

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    I second Esther Gokhale!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom B-D View Post
    I highly recommend Esther Gokhale's book 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back--even if you don't have back pain, she clearly shows what good posture is from countries in the world where back pain is virtually non-existent. I've been working on my posture for about six months using her principles, and what a difference! Yes, the back pain went away (though I think that was due in large part to reducing systemic inflammation--Primal diet did the trick), but I love having better sitting, standing, and walking posture (and it's an ongoing pursuit). There's a psychological aspect of having oneself in line...
    I 100%, absolutely agree with Tom B-D! Esther's book is great, and as I waited for it to arrive, I watched a 53 minute youtube video of Esther talking basics of posture. I felt immediate improvement, and practice postures all the time, especially as a I sit at my desk, keeping back straight and butt out a bit. I think I am a little taller since I am not slouching. The simplicity of the corrections was, for me, odd at first, for example lengthening the spine by laying 'in traction' on your back in bed. When I followed Esther's directions, I was amazed at the difference I could feel in my back. WoW!

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    I dunno if that book has this, but I usually recommend at least this one exercise. Stand with back to wall (heels, butt shoulders, and head touching). Maintain that posture for at least a minute lengthening the spine. Then bring arms up to 90 degree angle at both armpit and elbows (will look as if ready to perform military press). From here do isometric work. Going to keep same parts against wall AND as much of your entire arms as possible....and contract pushing back against wall with your arms AND head utilizing your rhomboids (pinching shoulder blades togeather) and continue contracting for 10 seconds. Repeat 3-10 times for a few sets. Great for fixing anterior posture (forward head and rounded shoulders).

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    That's the other thing, the better your conditioning, the easier to maintain good posture, I think. I started doing bodyweight training when I started working on posture, and quickly came to realize that when you do pullups and pushups, you're working your core all the time, and I'm sure that had to help a lot too. You Are Your Own Gym and Al Kavadlo's books are good places to start.

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    Another way that you can assist posture correction is with a new type of garment technology called Evidence Based Apparel. This company, also known online as Alignmed, developed a wearable posture correction garment that is infused with nanobands that will help re-align your posture by pulling your shoulders back, pushing your chest forward, and transferring the weight of gravity from your upper body to your center of gravity. I do want to say that yes, I work for the company, but I am more of a believer than an employee.

    These products were developed over 7 years of research and development and the company has tons of tests, research work and trials that have been conducted showing that their products do in fact work well for posture, as well as also increasing sports performance on the field. My personal experience came when I was given a posture shirt and put it on. Almost immediately I felt my shoulders pulled back, chest pushed forward and it seemed that the weight of my body was more evenly distributed. I had really bad shoulder pain that had been haunting me for years since my earlier athletic days and within weeks of wearing the posture shirt, the pain was virtually none, as well as it felt like my overall fatigue level was reduced.
    I don't want to sound like I am advertising spam so I did want to add in my personal experience with the products as well as introduce you to the technology. If you watched the past Olympics, you probably saw the kineso taping that was used on the athletes and the Alignmed products work the same.

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