Hey all,

Does anyone have any idea how long this will take and even if it's possible?

At the moment my posture's poor - too much sitting - the hip bone is tilted forward/down, which gives the lower back a big curve and makes the belly stick out. this is the main problem i think. the head is forward and shoulders are pulled around to the front, but I think that if the hip position is corrected then the rest will follow.

I've got some good exercises to do to strengthen the core muscles, but mainly I'm after a more upright posture and a balanced physique. At the moment some muscle groups are overworked to compensate. Starting from last week I'm doing one hour, five days a week, of stretches and strengthening exercises. Mainly they're for strengthening the glutes and hamstrings, stretching the hip flexxors, and strengthening the stomach. What are your thoughts on this.. is it even possible to change posture that much to make a difference (I'm 24, so not growing anymore)? And also if I'm sitting for a couple hours a day could that get in the way of progress?

Thanks for reading.