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Thread: Best primal canned food

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    I'm in NY--and I have a cupboard full of Wild Planet canned salmon, so I'm not too worried. If I lose power, I also have a gas stove, so I can cook most of the grass-fed beef and bison in my freezer if necessary. Last year at this time, we had that rogue snowstorm, and I lost power for 2 days. By no opening the freezer, I didn't lose any meat at all. The freezer kept it frozen.

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    I put my freezer stuff into the snow outside last year! God that storm was bad. Baby had croup and no heat or electricity for three days, couldn't even get the cars out to go to hospital. Hope this one will not be as horrible. Also hope we won't get flooded, as we live on a lake. Ugh. What is it with these october stroms????
    I got water and will make some food ahead- cold drumsticks and eggs are ok- also have bread and jam and sunflower butter for hte kids, and canned fish. Anything goes. *sigh*

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    We're stocked up on canned Seafood, turkey, chicken, I have some grass-fed beef jerky and snackpacks (primalpacs and PaleoKits), no-sugar/preservative-added dried fruits, lots of nuts... we do have some canned tomatoes and a bunch of coconut milk... JoanieL's RIGHT ON about cheese, too!
    If you're pretty sure the power's going out, you might want to take some of the less perishable stuff (that you're planning on eating while the power's out) out so you have to open the fridge less.
    IF isn't necessarily a bad idea either

    We almost never lose power in NYC, but they're talking about shutting down the subways tomorrow, so... oy.

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    Thanks for your feedback everyone, and good luck to anyone else experiencing the hurricane!

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    I wrote about this on facebook today. Preparedness is kind of one of my "things" I am big on. It is always good to have some non-perishables on hand. Fruits, veggies, tuna, salmon, other canned meats that are pretty pure, nuts, dried fruit, white rice if you are into that.

    Make sure you have lots of water for drinking AND flushing.

    If you have a freezer get bottles or jugs of water and fill in the empty spaces. Your stuff will stay cold longer this way and you can also use the ice to keep fridge stuff cold if needed.

    Precook some meats and hardboil eggs. You can make salads and stuff. If you have a grill, gas stove, or woodstove you can cook up just about anything. I have cooked things in a fondue pot with sterno before. Cook up the most perishable stuff first.

    Lara bars and jerky are nice for on the go food if you need to go out and do clean up.

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