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Thread: Primal on the plane

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheekymonster View Post
    I am going to be making a 10 hour international flight soon. I am gluten intolerant so I'll order a special meal which I doubt will be edible! I'm looking for suggestions of what I can bring with on the plane to eat as my meals. I know nuts are an obvious choice. I can't find jerky where I live that I can eat (has soy sauce=gluten). I don't have any way to keep things cold..... any suggestions?

    Hi Cheeky monster, We recently went to Australia, only a 3.5 hour flight, however I boiled some eggs, mashed them with salt and butter before we left, and ate them on the plane. I also took some salmon in a wee tupperware container. Once we arrived in Aussie, I rinsed them in the bathroom. On our return I did the mashed egg thing. It was great. No issues, I was satiated, and everyone was happy !!! If you ask the Hostess to put your food in the fridge as you board the flight - surely they would do that for you ?
    Have the best trip
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    On two recent international flights, my 'special' meals provided some edible options--a nice chicken breast, for example, that was surprisingly moist. I brought only a small bag of almonds for emergencies, as it's often impossible to bring food into another country.

    I was totally satisfied, as the 'breakfast' meal was a nice omelet.

    However, I was prepared for everything to be inedible and just munch on my almonds if necessary. I often do 10 hours without food in the course of a busy day and realized that it's only the boredom of the flight that makes me think I'm hungry:-)

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    The last time I ordered a gluten-free meal on an airplane (Air Canada), the gluten-free meal doubled as a vegan meal. So I got margarine with my gluten-free, vegetable-oil-laden bread. It was totally not worth it.

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