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Thread: How much Conventional Wisdom were you taught?

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    How much Conventional Wisdom were you taught?

    "Conventional Wisdom" (now referred to as CW) is a phrase we use to describe wrong knowledge taught in our society, especially relating to recent knowledge (which could be the past 10-50 years, but usually does not refer to anything much older). This goes for politics, philosophies, lifestyle, and nutrition. Nutrition is only a part!

    I wonder which groups might be more affected by this CW. Urban areas are more liberal. The media is mostly liberal. Teachers are liberal more often than not. It seems to me those hit the hardest by CW will be those who grow up without much parental or mentor support, especially if they live in an urban area. Am I right? The rest of their information gathering will be the purest form of CW.

    On the flipside, the least affected by CW would be those growing up in the country with solid parents, a good group of friends, good activities, and solid values. Possibly even homeschooled. Their information gathering is most likely to include experience-based information (such working till your hands bleed versus whining when you don't get your way), passed down values from a pre-cultural Marxism era (baby boomer and older parents/grandparents teaching you how to be a man/woman etc), and a true sense of an independent mind (the modern left LOVES to claim they're different, but they're not).
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