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Thread: The Dietary Cure for Acne

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    Quote Originally Posted by treborix View Post
    Here's my 2c as someone who has experienced two puberties, including the first one in two stages due to puberty blockers.
    I had spots as a child. But they were on my arms and my back. First puberty shifted them to my face and back but I had far more on my back than my first. By the end of my first puberty my emotions were actually higher than during puberty but I had few spots. Actually I had hardly any through the first puberty but certainly even fewer by my late teens/early twenties (even with puberty blockers for a couple of year my puberty had pretty much ended by the time I was 18). Early this year I started hormone therapy to induce male puberty (I'm female-to-male trans) Emotionally I'm more stable now than I was during my first puberty or back when I was in my early twenties, however at times my back has been so covered in spots my housemate says it looks like I have measles, and I've had/have some nasty spots on my face too. Far more than I ever had before.

    So in short I like your idea but it doesn't match my experience. My experience is that female puberty moved where I experienced spots. Male puberty gave me much worse spots. And like first time round I'm hoping that soon enough my body will settle down and I won't really get them any more.
    Well that is a very unique situation, I'm sure it does not apply to everyone, almost nothing is 100% appliable, but thank you for your comment.

    Well if you expected any spots, the mind-body connection might have had something to with, but this a different story.
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