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Thread: the straight dope on cholesterol

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    the straight dope on cholesterol

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    I've been (trying) reading this the last couple of days. I think I am on part 5. Anyway, I dont care. I dont understand anything he's saying and I dont care about most of what hes saying. It isnt relevant to me. I think I've learned that you want low LDL, low Trigs and high HDL. Thats great but, really I just want some hard cold numbers. 25 year old male 185lbs should want numbers that look like this, and should be worried if numbers look like this.

    I can obviously google this but, I dont want CW numbers, I want numbers from people that know what they are talking about. Any help?


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    Ok....I am going to give you the definitive answer you seek. Get out the notepad. For a 25 year old male that is 185lbs eating primal and that does not have familial hypercholesterolemia the optimal number is....(pause for affect).....


    If your cholesterol is between 140-300 I wouldn't worry. The range of lowest all cause mortality is 200-240
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