My husband and I started this together a few months ago. We've both seen good results, but I think it's benefited him more than me. I've had a bit of an uncomfortable gut since a little before starting this and it hasn't gone away. I do wonder whether it's gluten-related, but haven't been able to cut it out for much more than a week at a time to test. (A blood test for coeliac recently came back negative.) The trouble is that he's the cook, and although he sees and extols the benefits of this way of eating, he doesn't believe gluten and grains have much to do with it: he thinks it's all about carbs. So he thinks nothing of buying sausages with breadcrumbs in, or adding a little flour to thicken a sauce.

And when we have guests round, as we will on Sunday, he uses that as an excuse to cook all the pasta and fancy pastries that he's been denying himself. I feel rather undermined by this, not only because it's another setback in trying to discover whether my gut problems are gluten-related but because I talk about how good eating lots of meat and vegetables is to my friends, but when they come to visit we feed them pasta and pastries. Hardly a good advertisement.

I'm not a very assertive person and have already tried to persuade him to avoid the flour, without success. So what, if anything, should I do about it?