Hi everyone, just joined a gym in desperate need to lose weight, become healthy etc etc etc.

I'm nearly 39, struggled with my weight since having children and tried lots of diets, weight watchers was the most recent, but i would lose 1lb then put i back on the following week. Needless to say, i have got to a point where i need something different, and that works!!

So, have a PT (shared with 2 friends) to help us on our weight loss journey, and he has suggested this eating plan.

However, i really feel i need some help from people who actually practice this diet. Always following a low cal/low fat diet, i am really having problems getting my head around having coconut milk/oils/nuts etc as opposed to having skimmed milk and low cal products. i have seen some amazing sounding recipes for thing like banana bread, coconut pancakes etc. My problem is i don't know who much/often i can have or used these items.

Sorry to go on, i really have been searching the internet for guidance on the questions i have hence coming across this website, but could really do with some help please.

Am hoping you lovely people on here can help me, any tips/guidance would be greatly appreciated, as i really want to lose weight, i am doing exercise classes too so am hoping this will help with my weight loss. I have around 24lbs to lose.

Thank you in advance for any help.