What would happen if a person were to follow the Starting Strength workout regimen and the Primal Blueprint eating concepts? I believe most folks feel that to gain mass (and strength?, maybe not) a person must have a caloric surplus. What exactly happens if a person lifts according to that plan, but has a diet with a caloric deficit while maintaining adequate nutrients, protein, and fat? Is there an increased risk of illness or injury? Will you not see as good of results?

I am nowhere near needing to worry about this, as I am only 4 days into eating and exercising according to the Primal Blueprint, but I eventually want to start lifting for strength and mass and the Starting Strength seems appealing. Should the eating plan change when lifting heavy (heavier)? Or do I not have a firm grasp yet on what all the Primal Blueprint Fitness entails? Meaning, will advancing through all 9 stages of each Primal movement develop similar strength and mass as SS, with no concerns about diet included in either. Also, what advantages are there to continuing with the Primal movements through stage 9 rather than going to a gym and using barbells for the major (squat, bench, dead, overhead) lifts?

If this should be in the nutrition forum, just let me know and I will repost. If my questions aren't clear, I will try to elaborate if needed.