This is an aspect of the "ancestral health movement" that annoys me a little.

I've just posted a really serious study about autism on this board and tried to think about how we got where we are. This, it seems to me, is THE most important issue facing contemporary society -- thjat, in short, people are being literally poisoned by the food supply.

But meanwhile, back in the real world, the ancestral health movement, which ought to be the answer to this, is riven by jealousy, conflict, and ego-sparring.

I've heard Jimmy Moore complain that paleo folks are trying to cut out the low-carb people; I've read hostile reviews of paleo books by the the WAPF crowd; I've heard Rob Wolf claim that the WAPF has never helped anyone and dismiss Paul Chek as "metephysical". (That's supposed to be an insult, but in truth it was just a book title in Artistotle - the book that comes before the book on physics.)

Anyway, we've now hit bottom. I just downloaded Angelo Coppola's "Latest in Paleo" podcast and listened to hiim make a cowardly attack on Chris Kresser. Ostensibly he was talking about charging for content and I thought he was referring to Art de Vany, who always has. Then from other hints I twigged he meant Chris. Well, doubtless the "Healthy Baby Code" and all the rest of it only tells you the kind of thing you could find out for nothing from the WAPF website, but no-one is forced to buy this stuff.

Mr. Coppola is now cleaned our of my iTunes. But the point is that why the movement spends its time bitching at each other agribusiness and big pharma are laughing all the way ti the bank.