For those who aren't doing the plank challenge, here's another option! Time yourself on this. Find a chair with solid arms about shoulder-width apart. Sit in it. Scoot forward a few inches, clench your butt and stick those legs straight out, and grab the rails of the chair to your sides, as far back as your rib cage. Now lift yourself, keeping those legs straight out, elbows almost straight but still stabilized. You'll feel your back engage to keep your arms down. You'll notice your hands are below your butt. Make sure to flex those stabilizers all around your rotator cuff. Keep those toes pointed at the wall, or at least your legs parallel to the ground. Stay up as long as you can, in the best form you can. How did you do?

I can only go 15 seconds today! But I'm going to keep greasing the groove and let's see how much I can increase it in the next month. Anybody want to try this with me? Maybe after the plank-off if you're already on that?