Yesterday, I ended up eating about 1.5 heads of cauliflower - I'm talking huge sized heads, I counted 7.5" in diameter. (That was in addition to a whole day's worth of food). I thought that would be it, but today... I ended up with a ton of vegetables yesterday, not much meat, and I thought I'd have just a little chili for breakfast. Somehow I couldn't stop eating, I went through, I am not exaggerating, about 5 cups (about 1200 calories' worth, more than I'd been eating in a whole day).
To put this amount in context, I am only 5 feet tall, and sedentary.

My reaction was terrible. I thought the bloat from the cauliflower was bad, but the worst part was that I could not sleep all night, and the splitting headache I woke up with. Today was a hundred times worse, with the amount of meat. All my limbs and body blew up to what felt like a huge size, my legs ached - dehydration, I guessed, and I drank a huge amount of water already, a tiny relief - the headache was excruciating, I felt like I was burning up, I practically had to waddle, and most of all was the dizziness, a terrible dizziness set in shortly after I finished.
I had about 1 cup mashed pumpkin before the chili problem, and tonight I had a bowl of steamed spinach, although I had to make myself eat it, I still feel sickeningly full of food. And the dizziness is still here, and the headache. It is worse than any virus.

I've already pretty much identified that it happened because I restricted for too long, but I want to fix what is done. The scale shows 3 lbs heavier and I certainly look and feel it. I worked hard for every 5 lbs...

But what should I do now? Should I eat breakfast tomorrow? Fast? Have tea? Wait until I feel hungry, or eat anyway? Should I eat high carb or low carb, should I exercise? Thanks for any help.