I'm sure the answer to that question is "Are you KIDDING?!", but it's well-intentioned, nonetheless.

I just can't get a read on her. Is she a fringe crackpot, or valuable purveyor of "...the Emperor has no clothes!" type?

Or both, or something in between?

She's certainly has strong opinions--and has pissed-off Richard Nikoley to high heaven (sometimes that's VERY easy to do! )

I don't have the background (or patience) to read her detailed, scientific posts, and a lot of her other stuff can feel "ranty"...so I just never know how much attention to pay to her...

To be fair, the general lack-of-consensus (or *comparitive* lack-of-consensus) in the Paleo/Primal world can be confusing and frustrating--but I suppose that's to be expected in a (relatively) new field--and probably a good thing in the long-term.

It just makes it harder for Primal Newbies to figure out the "best" way to eat...

Any thoughts?