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Thread: Paleo/Primal for £1 a portion.

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    Paleo/Primal for £1 a portion.

    This isn't the best way to go Paleo by a long-shot. If you can get organic, non-grain-fed animals (insect-fed free-range chickens and acorn-fed wild-pork are sorely missed, Spain!), fresh game, enriched eggs and organic, or, better, home-grown fruit and veg: DO IT.
    But for some of us that isn't an option. Some of us are students (for example) living off a very limited budget, but still want the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle.

    So, I made my blog:, where I upload the recipes to food I eat and ideas I have, to show how, on a budget, Paleo can STILL be managed. Not the healthiest, but miles better than SAD and every portion is under £1 (a rare thing for foods without junk or grain)!
    You can always use a recipe for inspiration and just use organic, grass-fed meats and home-grown veggies. Or even use it as a side-dish or a base. Or, to cut your budget back a bit, try making one meal a day out of a cheaper recipe. Whatever you want, I'm just here to share it.

    From now on I'll be posting links to my recipes and advice on cheap food-shopping on here. Bon appetit.

    First installment: Chicken Cabbage-Wraps
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