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Thread: Getting my ass in gear and starting my journey!

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    Getting my ass in gear and starting my journey! AKA MattG's primal journal

    Well, I've decided to join the form after being a lurker for sometime now. I've been interested in the primal blueprint for awhile and followed it for a few times, for short periods of time. I however have decided to dedicate myself. I am the father of a seven month old boy and want to be around for a long time for him and my wife.
    I'm 30 years old and have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol. All of which run in my family. My weight this morning was 229.6 pounds but for the past year I've been hovering around 230-240. I am 5'10" tall. When I graduated highschool I was around 200 pounds and got up to 245 or so by the time I was 21. I didn't drink or do drugs (I've actually been straight edge since I was 13 and still am.) Around that time I found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and became addicted instantly. I lost quite a bit of weight dropping down to around the 190 mark even cutting down to 180 a few times for bjj and judo tournaments.
    I got married in 2008 and before that we were searching to buy a house which took a lot of my training time up and we ate pretty unhealthy during that period as well. Then came the child and I trained even less. My wife has a glutten sensitivity so we don't have much in the way of glutten in our house.
    I have the problem of loving pizza and donuts though...
    So here I am now... I've done my few stints with primal and now I'm back. I have noticed after my latest return to the bad food I wasn't feeling very well, so I've decided to cut it out for good.
    I still train and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice a week but my competition career is on hold for now until I have more time to dedicate to it again. I'm going to Brazil for the third time in mid-December and am doing my best to not look like a total fatty when I get there. I'm also doing one body weight squat, push-up, and sit-up (and adding one everyday until we leave. I'm up to 32.

    Today's meals so far:
    For breakfast: Three free range eggs, a little turkey and a slice of cheese for an omelet.
    For lunch: A peice of broiled salmon with a side of spring lettuce and baby spinach.

    I've done my 32 squats/push-ups/sit-ups
    and as we do every day we walk our son to day-care. (will be walking him back too)

    So I guess I'll use this to track/log what's going on in my journey.
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