Hello everyone,

My name is Brian. I'm 31 and I joined the U.S. Navy this past year. I became primal to be healhier, look better, and lose weight to join the Navy. It succeeded very well as I dropped about 90 lbs. over a period of 8 months.

Once I got into the Navy the food at bootcamp didn't allow me to stay primal very well but the exercise was able to keep me at a stable weight (I gained 1 lb.). But now I am in the training right after and I don't have all that exercise... and my main source of eating primal (my own cooking) is denied to me. So that limits my primal options a lot. (Salads... lots of salads, and not ones that are very tasty... though how the galley can have lettuce that tastes 'blah' is beyond me).

Anyway... as I need to head to classes right now I'll summarize a bit. I keep trying to go primal again but falling off within a few days. I miss when I first went primal that I was on it months without cheating. I could really use some encouragement and friends to help me keep on it. I am trying to find -some- way that I can stick to it! My weight has increased and it is due to eating and exercising poorly. I know being Primal is what I need. I am at what I was at my lightest (a couple of months later).

I'll post a bit more later but... I could truly use some encouragement and people to talk to. Ways to help entice/force myself to stay along it. I've already stopped carrying cash/coins when I go to classes to keep from being tempted by vending machines.

Well, off I go!