My wife and I started following a Paleo lifestyle about 6 weeks ago. We're both delighted with the fact that we feel better, sleep better - all the usual wellbeing benefits that people talk about here.

The problem is that despite both having a vast amount of weight to lose (she's currently 302lb), she's stalled after losing just 12lb.

There's no cheating, she often misses breakfast simply because she's not hungry, carb intake is below 100g per day. We're exercising 2-3 times per week either with kettlebells or walking - obviously exercise is a challenge when you're as big as we are but we've made a serious start. Body comp is changing as we measure ourselves once a fortnight and she's lost a total of 11 inches. I don't weigh as often as her as I'm more concerned with my health and body comp.

We haven't transitioned into low carb / paleo but gone cold turkey. We're both in ketosis (measured using Ketostix).

So the question is what are we doing wrong (if anything)? Should Mrs Grizzly be experiencing a plateau at this early stage and what (if anything) can we do to get out of it?

Any help would be welcome,