ok, considering Primal/Paleo. Have the Primal Blueprint but not done, have finished the Paleo Diet.

Here are my "stumbling blocks" how hard to overcome?

1. Rice mainly with butter salt and pepper or with Chinese food.
2. Sauces. Only veggies I eat now are salad and only buried with Ranch or Italian dressing...with Chinese food with lots of thich brown spicy sauces etc.
3. Chips...mainly Tortilla chips/taco shells/tortillas
4. And lastly...I dont like veggies.

I eat salad. I will occasionally force myself to eat broccoli with chinese food. But often I will order "Kung Pao - no veggies" or "Fajitas, no veggies with the fajita meat" things like that. I love corn on the cob...and I like tomatoes with lots of salt and pepper...lol.

I "hear" that your taste buds change, that you adapt etc. Wondering how long, and how hard to get to that part. lol.

Honestly...I really dont like veggeis. lol