I would say quick intro, but I am a salesman, I love to talk, and I never do anything quick...lol.

I am 39.
I am very disappointed in how I look, but really struggle to fix it. I am disappointed because I know it is not how I should look, and its not healthy, and I get frustrated that I cant seem to break out of it.

I started out as the skinny kid who ate like a horse. I was not overly athletic or anything at all, just the opposite, was the nerd...the really smart kid. I was 5'10 and weighed 125lbs although I are a TON. Once ate 6 prime ribs at an all you can eat restaurant. Married too young, and a kid on the way, I joined the Marines to take care of my new family. In boot camp I gained 40 pounds of muscle and had a great body. I still ate like crap (breakfast was a bag of Sour Cream and Cheese Ruffles and a Mt Dew....EVERY DAY!) but worked out so much I pretty much covered for it. I did gain about 10 pounds...but still looked better than most people. Then I tore up my knees and left the military. That is when it all really hit me. I still ate like crap, but I no longer worked out. At my largest I was 230. I am now around 205. Mainly that is from not drinking regular soda, and eating a little better. I used to drink 6-10 regular sodas a DAY. I still drink too much soda....but now its Diet Dr Pepper.

If I post a head shot, people would not say I was fat. I dont have a fat face. I dont have fat arms or legs. ALL my fat is in my gut. I am the guy that looks like he has a basketball under his shirt...and as I understand it, that is a...the worst kind of fat....and b...the hardest to loose.

I have tried Atkins...and lost pretty good on it. I have tried Weight Watchers and did OK on that. but I find it pretty hard for me to stick too. My main vices are rice...I LOVE rice...and Mexican food. I love Tortilla chips and taco shells and tortillas etc. Also the fact that I dont really like vegies. I can force myself to eat broccoli in some chinese food...I dont mind a good salad drenched in dressing...I do like corn on the cob...but not really the kind of vegi this lifestyle promotes...lol.

I also have an auto immune disorder called behcets. For a long time I was on high doses of prednisone. I have mostly gotten off of that. I understand the prednisone has caused a lot of my weight issues as well...or contributed at least.

So I am torn between finding the self discipline to give up things I love, and to eat things I dont.

I know I need to for health reasons...and I know I would be happier with how I look...but frankly it seems like a lot of work. Combine that with the fact that my wife...is naturally a beautiful, sexy, thin woman who wont go paleo with me, and doesnt really need to (she is 5'6" and 120lbs...rides horses all the time and that keeps her in shape)...so it really then becomes me doing it all a lone. Its a struggle.

OK, that is probably enough for now. I am certain anyone still reading is bored...lol

Anyways, just thought I would introduce myself.