My first post, yay!
So, just sharing this with you guys:

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Basically, a podiatrist encouraging people to avoid sandals and barefootedness, because our "feeble human feet" entirely lack the ability to support our bodies and their weight. *facepalm*

My response:
"Has anybody else noticed how a PODIATRIST is saying our feet are UNABLE to support our bodies and that this is OK and "normal"?
Human feet were made to support a human body. Yet she clearly is referring to ALL of us: not just those who have defects and/or are fully flat-footed.
We still have almost the same type of foot as modern tribal peoples (allowing for ethnic variations, we are actually, foot-wise, no more different from them than ethnic Hmong are from White Italians), who almost always go barefooted or in thin, flimsy sandals, yet THEY are fine. But our feet, which are NEARLY IDENTICAL are, supposedly, naturally "unable" to support our bodies and movement. Bodies and movement which nature developed over millions of years as barefoot apes.

Many modern people return to moving barefoot at least on occassion and, after GRADUALLY moving into it, their feet eventually regain the strength that the aforementioned tribal people's feet have. It's clear our weak-footed-ness isn't some irreversible damage we've done and cannot ever undo. Yet this woman is asking us NOT to do that, but to PANDER to a MODERN WEAKNESS created by WEARING SHOES. I say she's selling herself and promoting her business quite well... More people wear shoes all the time = more people have weak feet --> weak feet are more prone to injury --> injured feet give her work."