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    I kicked the Starbucks habit by making espresso at home with either my moka pot or machine (just a cheap, steam driven one). Then I can use good milk (local, low temp pasteurized, non-homogenized) and flavored stevia drops to make an iced latte that trumps the 'bux (or an Americano w/heavy cream if I want it hot). I still occasionally get Sbux when I'm out and about, but I just get a plain latte and use a travel sized dropper of stevia drops to sweeten it. I keep meaning to try bulletproof coffee though, it sounds like it could be a good replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KotikBegemotik View Post
    I am a Starbucks-aholic. I am not proud of that fact. Part of the reason why I started Primal was to get over that addiction to sugar and caffeine.

    This is my fifth day on Primal. I feel like crap. My head is fuzzy and heavy. I have zero motivation. I want my pillow and my blankie and a few days to just hibernate. I know it's probably the carb flu, but knowing it is not doing me any good.

    Before going Primal, I would cure this kind of hibernation desire with a grande latte. Now, I don't know what the heck to do. I need to be a normal member of society due to school and other commitments. I can go into a deep slumber this weekend but I need to survive until then. And I don't want to relapse into a carb-induced hyperness.

    Please help.
    Stick it out. Make some half-calf Starbucks coffee at home to get you over the caffeine withdrawal and take the removal of caffeine more slowly? The coffee itself isn't what is ruining your health, it is the sugar from the mocha crappuwrappofrappocino with extra whip cream. Plus the $6/day or more you spend can be applied to something more useful.

    Actually, decaf coffee with ghee/heavy cream is what I look forward to every morning at 6am!

    Hang in there. I felt like shit for 2 weeks.

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    Try heavy cream with cinnamon. It worked for me.

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    Espresso straight up.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    They say it's good to gradually cut back on caffeine rather than all at once, but now that you've already gone cold turkey for five days, you're probably already over the worst of the caffeine withdrawal. I'd advise that you just stick with it. If you start caffeine again now, you'll doom yourself to another bad withdrawal later and this will have been for nothing.

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    Thank you so much to everyone for your support and advice!

    I ended up stopping at Starbucks before my evening class and getting a Vanilla Rooibos latte with whole milk. My day's Carb intake is still under 80g and my macronutrients are right where I need them to be...but now I have a hot, yummy beverage to nurse while I suffer through class.

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    I'll sell my soul for a cup of McD's coffee with Monopoly stickers on it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EyeOfRound View Post
    I'll sell my soul for a cup of McD's coffee with Monopoly stickers on it...
    LOL, you can have my monopoly stickers.

    I tried their iced coffee once (last Starbucks closes at 11:00) and it was mostly ice. I did the sugar free vanilla sweetener. It was pretty good, but needs more coffee and less ice.
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    If I go to starbucks (for myself - I go there all the time for my boss), I order an (unsweetened, iced or hot) Americano with heavy cream, or an unsweetened iced tea. I'll sometimes buy their tea bags, though they're definitely not the best tea ever.
    very VERY rarely (not for months at this point), I'll do some sort of paleo nightmare drink like a mocha, frappuccino, etc.

    Mostly I make bulletproof coffee at home before I go to work - I'll often use my stainless thermal mug from sbux though

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    I order as my 20% on occasion a sugar free caramel macchiato with whole milk. They think I am crazy because it's sugar free but with whole milk. I love that! Now that there's a starbucks app, I have customized my drink and can order much easier, less confusion. I need fake sweetener, I have not kicked that yet. One thing at a time. I have found that I no longer like the "mio" drink additive or crystal light like I used to. I am sure the other ones may follow. Daily, I make coffee at home, use cream and "swerve" sweetener I found on amazon. Funny enough, when I decided to go primal, my body wanted coffee instead of tea. I used to swear by tea, but now coffee and cream are way better.

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