Another blue zone article,
Although I do think there is some useful info in the blue zone thing, when i looked at them there seemed to be a lot of selective bias, an unbiased examination I expect would produce a more moderated conclusion.

Corrolation is not Causation!

Why did his wife die at age 85 and not live to 100?

Along with other things mentioned the Okinawan myth still continues, they didn't live as long as reported and they did fry nearly everything in lard, sure they did live longer than average but reports were selectively biased and unsubstantiated in many cases.

Another thing that may play a big role in some of theses anomolies may also be soil type, I saw some geographic studies and I believe Ikaria was one of those, basically two greek islands one Volcanic sulphur bases soils, the other Limestone based, basically same diet & lifestyle, sulphur people lived longer. Ikaria is the Sulphur one:
About the IKARIA Name: IKARIA
There is also talk that this may well be one of the reasons that the mediterranian diet did not stop Americans from having heart attacks, does this mean if you up your sulphur you'll pass 100, maybe if you have ticked all the other boxes.
Was it sheep or goat cheese, doesn't matter both are A2 beta Caesin, bread yes, but that would have been imported flour so likely nowhere near the overall cereal consumption of US etc.

And Yeah, they are primal/paleo more than vegan.