If you're reading this, it means you got past the horrible pun in the thread title. And that means that you're my kind of person.

I hate liver. Hate, hate, hate, hate liver. Unless it's the horribly over-processed Braunschweiger, which I can eat in thick slices. I think my serious dislike stems from first grade in dear old Mother Russia. For supper, we would get cabbagey soup followed by rye bread topped with a slab of overly dry liver. It would be sheer torture choking it down. And choke it down we did because the teacher would be watching our every move.

Fast forward to today. This Saturday, assuming I don't get sidetracked by a cookie or a Starbucks latte, will be the start of Week 2 of Primal eating. After realizing that my iron intake isn't where it would ideally be and seeing all these wonderful, happy people enjoying their organ meats, I want to give liver a second shot.

So....we finally come to the purpose of this post: how can I cook liver so that it doesn't taste livery?