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Thread: Please critique my staff wellness newsletter article

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthetaco View Post
    There's a brief mention of an insulin spike in there. I would remove or reword that sentence. That doesn't mean anything to someone who hasn't heard of Gary Taubes, so they're going to read it and say, "So?" You'd have to rework a lot of the piece to explain the insulin hypothesis in greater detail, which I don't think is necessary since your argument seems to mainly be about evolutionary discordance. That line's necessary to explain why you don't eat white potatoes, which I'm sure people are going to ask you about, so it may be better simply to promote roots and tubers in the piece and let people come to their own decision about starch. If they like the article and end up researching paleo, they're going to come across that debate pretty quickly anyway.
    I can see what you're getting at, but I think people have an automatic negative response to the word insulin, especially when you say insulin spike.
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    That's great feedback.

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