I've decided to try adding good full fat unsweetened yogurt to my diet, for a variety of reasons (seems like an ideal breakfast on the run and a great backup meal/snack to have lying around, in addition to the health benefits), but I could not find any at Whole Foods! My WF is usually pretty good, what with grassfed heavy cream and organic ghee and so on, but they had shelf after shelf of flavored and/or proudly 0% fat yogurt, with nary a "classic" yogurt as nature intended it in sight.

If there are particular commonly available brands worth looking out for (I'm in the mid-atlantic US), I'd really appreciate suggestions. There's a farmers' market nearby as well and a locally sourced minimart, but I can't say I've seen it at either of them. Maybe I'll have to ask about having some ordered. Regardless, I'd love some recommendations of good products out there!