Hi everyone.
I tried out a great recipe for pumpkin "porridge" this morning that involves about a cup of canned pumpkin, eggs, almond milk, and a few spices. It filled me up for hours in a way that, I've personally found, meat and vegetables just don't. It's making me wonder whether I've been keeping my carbs too low (I've been averaging 30g a day... usually in the form of an avocado and a pile of kale at dinner, plus maybe 5 olives some nights).

Let's say I did this cup of pumpkin every day... am I asking for trouble? Is there danger of weight gain -- even if I make this my chief chunk of carbs for the day and stay under 100g (maybe even under 50g) for the whole day? Pumpkin seems to be among the least starchy of the safe-starch vegetables, from what I've read... but is it still too much to be an everyday thing?

Thanks so much guys.