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Thread: Primal Pregnancy - Done!

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    Primal Pregnancy - Done!

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    I know all pregnancies are different, and I may have had the same experience eating a SAD diet, but I really feel like eating primal helped me in pregnancy.

    I had minimal symptoms during my pregnancy. In the first & second trimesters, I had pretty much zero symptoms (no nausea/vomiting, no cravings/aversions). In my third trimester, all I had was some mild heartburn and tiredness (just tiredness, not fatigue).

    Pretty much all the weight I gained (18 pounds) was baby and related fluids, and it came off very quickly.

    32 weeks pregnant:

    1 week post-partum

    6 weeks post-partum

    8 weeks post-partum

    Labor was pretty easy, relatively speaking. I started having contractions around midnight, 10 minutes apart. They stalled out a bit around 7-8am, then started picking up again around 10-11am. We went to Chipotle for lunch, I was timing my contractions on my phone. Went to the hospital around 3:30-4pm (had to convince my husband, he didn't think I was far enough in labor, he thought they would turn us away. I was dilated 6cm! Labor didn't "hurt" until my water broke at about 6-6:30pm. (I had a drug-free birth, we took Bradley classes which I think helped a lot.) Before 8pm, I gave birth to a 7 pound 15 oz baby boy.

    I made tons of colostrum, the nurses were impressed! My baby was chugging the stuff!

    Recovery was easy too. Right after getting stitched up after birth, so within an hour, I walked from the birthing room to the regular maternity hospital room (I guess most women use a wheel-chair at that point). I was getting around almost normally by the time I got home. Within a week, I was pretty much 100% back to normal.

    And of course, can't have a pregnancy/baby thread without a picture of the "finished product"!

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    Good for you abbyful. Congrats on the baby, so adorable

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    Congrats! Good for you...and what a cutie!
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    You look fantastic! Congratulations! And your baby is too cute .

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    Congratulations! I love reading about journeys like this.
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    I'm not going to show this thread to my wife, who is 36 weeks pregnant. She's stuck mostly primal (probably 90/10, those occasional cravings would get to her after awhile) but she has had a heck of a time. First trimester and half of second was crippling morning sickness and food aversions (the meat aversions for a couple weeks in there were tough, but we managed with some creative cooking), then hemorrhoids and gallstones attacked. We spent a rough night in the ER during a massive gallbladder attack at 30 weeks (where the genius doctor told her to eat low fat and up her whole grain intake). The attack came after primal chicken enchiladas, which were very spicy and smothered in sour cream and cheese. We cut her dairy intake down (now she really only gets dairy in her Greek yogurt and heavy cream in her coffee) and has layed off the spices and she has been fine since.

    On the plus side, thanks to her primal ways, she has only gained 20 lbs and its ALL baby (you can't even tell she's pregnant from behind) - her blood pressure is low, no gestational diabetes, and she gets compliments constantly on how great she looks. I'm hoping her recovery will be as swift and healthy as yours has been!

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    Congrats, Abbyful! Great photos!

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    Abbyful, you little beauty. That is one very cute bambina, and you look absolutely amazing - so keep doing whatever you are doing girl.
    Well done

    oh and all the best for your birth San diego dude !!!!!
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