I know all pregnancies are different, and I may have had the same experience eating a SAD diet, but I really feel like eating primal helped me in pregnancy.

I had minimal symptoms during my pregnancy. In the first & second trimesters, I had pretty much zero symptoms (no nausea/vomiting, no cravings/aversions). In my third trimester, all I had was some mild heartburn and tiredness (just tiredness, not fatigue).

Pretty much all the weight I gained (18 pounds) was baby and related fluids, and it came off very quickly.

32 weeks pregnant:

1 week post-partum

6 weeks post-partum

8 weeks post-partum

Labor was pretty easy, relatively speaking. I started having contractions around midnight, 10 minutes apart. They stalled out a bit around 7-8am, then started picking up again around 10-11am. We went to Chipotle for lunch, I was timing my contractions on my phone. Went to the hospital around 3:30-4pm (had to convince my husband, he didn't think I was far enough in labor, he thought they would turn us away. I was dilated 6cm! Labor didn't "hurt" until my water broke at about 6-6:30pm. (I had a drug-free birth, we took Bradley classes which I think helped a lot.) Before 8pm, I gave birth to a 7 pound 15 oz baby boy.

I made tons of colostrum, the nurses were impressed! My baby was chugging the stuff!

Recovery was easy too. Right after getting stitched up after birth, so within an hour, I walked from the birthing room to the regular maternity hospital room (I guess most women use a wheel-chair at that point). I was getting around almost normally by the time I got home. Within a week, I was pretty much 100% back to normal.

And of course, can't have a pregnancy/baby thread without a picture of the "finished product"!