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    Big congrats on the little one, cute as a button!

    I bet there are many many women who would chew their own arms off for those progress pictures!
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    Thanks everyone! I almost felt guilty during pregnancy and recovery, I have several friends and co-workers who were pregnant at the same time and our due dates were within a couple months of each other, and they were having a heck of a time with pregnancy and recovery. I would mostly not even talk about how I was doing, but if they asked, I felt a little bad saying "I feel great!" after they had told me how miserably everything had been going for them.

    SanDiegoDude, Congrats on the pending baby Grok! I hope your wife has a speedy, easy labor and recovery!

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    Yay! This forum needs more stories like these Thanks for sharing!

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    Yay Abbyful ! Congratulations, you look amazing and baby is so precious!

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