Ok, laying it out there for all you people that really know what they are doing, or think they do..LOL

I started a weight loss program back in Feb of 2012. It was the Ideal protein diet. Pre packaged food, costs quite a bit of money. Ideal Protein Provides its Dieters with a Weight Loss Method and Diet that Works

Now, I went from 232 to 201 from Feb 21, to May 1st, no exercise at all. We thought we could just do it on our own, having protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, with veggies and then a full meal (protein and veggies) for supper. It's basically what the Ideal protein is. I started exercising some and got down to 190ish. Then all hell broke lose.

Wife is a fantastic baker and that's my weakness. We got a new Foster girl and she's never baked before and loves helping the Mrs. I PAY FOR IT.

I read the 4 hour body. Tried that. No whites, no refined, cheat one day a week, 4 hour body work out, 2-3 x week weights to fatigue, H.I.I.T. on the treadmill every other day. Nothing, stayed the same. Weight measurements etc, all the same.

Came across this site thru people bragging about it on 4 hour body, thought I'd give it a go. First thing I ran into was the potato diet. I did it, gave up today (day 7). Did I lose? Not sure as we bought a new scale as the old one (digital) gives you a different weight everytime you get on it. Felt weak on the potatoes, tired, slept a bunch more. But I did walk for 1 hour 3 times this last week, as well as split wood most nites. I also do the cold showers, cold pack on shoulders, taking the "wonder pill" Green Coffee Bean! Drink yerba mate tea all the time, drink plenty of water, get atleast 8 hours sleep a nite or more. Meditate for stress.

So?????? Why was I so successful on the expensive diet and can't do it on my own? What in the hell am I doing wrong?

Lose over 30 lbs in roughly ? 10 weeks and now can't lose anything???????

Also tried fasting, sauna all the time to sweat crap out of me?

Do I need a knife to cut it off? Lipo suction? Stomach stapled?

I really need help as the wife and I had a plan. If we both lost our target, we'd go south this winter (live in Canada), whoever did the best, got to choose. She's already won, long ago, but if I don't get there soon, I'll be 135 lbs lighter, (loss of wife). LOL

Sorry for the ramble.