Let me first say that I am entirely paleo. I do not eat past 9pm and go to bed around 12-1pm, and I get enough sleep. However, when I first awake, I am either euphoric and primed for my work or just plain down with strange thoughts, nonmeditative, hopeless, etc. I don't think it's immediately necessary to go into my mental dialogue throughout my days, but I do believe that it is partially due to allergies at night keeping me from breathing. I use a 12-hour inhaler before bed something, wash my sheets, am allergic to dust, have an air purifier (that may need replacing). With my anti-inflammatory diet, wouldn't this not happen? Could my strong nighttime immune histamine response be flaring whatever inflammation I have? I've tried taking apple cider vinegar, quercetin... things that are said to be good for allergies before bed with very varied results. Some days I wake great and some days I don't at all, and I have never attributed either to anything. What would be my next step? Thanks!!!