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Thread: Food poisoning - what to eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post

    Maybe it would be a good time to fast for a little. I would certainly make sure you're getting enough fluids and a little broad-spectrum seasalt.
    I have had so many gut bugs over the years its not funny. Sometimes I am admitted to hospital and IV rehydrated/sometimes not. Haven't had one since going primal thou !!!! I have tried the BRATT thing (bananas, rice, apples, tea and toast) and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I agree with Lewis. You need to keep the fluid up. Your body is trying desperately to expell the bug, so flush that little sucker out !!!! However you will be losing all sorts of good minerals etc.... so if you have some electrolytes add them in. If not get that salt in. Once you are feeling a little better eat a banana or two ( potassium), some apple (regulates constipation or diahorreah), maybe some tea ( apparently the tannins help an upset tummy, but not sure about this one), but go easy on your wee tummy.
    Good luck
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    The only things I find I can eat when recovering from food poisoning is fruit, especially water-rich fruit like watermelon. It technically isn't the best option, since fructose can cause diarrhea, but it feels best, so I just do it.

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    If it were me, I'd drink some dilute juice from my homemade 6-month old sauerkraut, for the beneficial bacteria. Do you have anything like that?

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    Try raw garlic to combat the bad bacteria in your gut. Smash up two cloves and let them sit there for a bit so the allicin can form, then swallow and follow with a shot of full fat kefir or a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then chew on some fresh parsley.

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    I eat curry and similar foods all the time without rice, naan bread or any carbs other than what's in the salad and the sauce and I normally feel much better for it. Seriously, you should try it. Just avoid Balti Bites in Birmingham.

    Might be better now. I went for the fasting, a full 24 hour one; 6 hours to go.

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