Hi all, I have been practicing a paleo/primal lifestyle for about 1 year now. It was an easy transition for me as it was pretty much how I already lived. I have had a stubborn HDL cholesterol all my life. 2 years ago before "primal" my HDL was about 30. At that time I was exercising regularly, eating mostly well, maybe drinking a little to much alcohol (college) No supplements at this time.

I just turned 27, male.

Currently (for the last 6 months of so) I live an active lifestyle, lots of walking, heavy lifting 2-3 times per week. 8-9 hours of sleep per night, zero grains, lots of proteins and fats. I eat about 4 tbs of coconut oil per day, and I take 2-4 grams of EPA/DHA fish oil per day. I eat fatty fish about 1x per week. My HDL today was 39.

I would think that with all this fish oil and coconut oil etc my numbers would be more desirable than this. Are there any suggestions out there? I work in a primary care office and go over blood work with patients every day, I am pretty well versed in good fats/bad fats, etc. But, I can't figure out to to increase my own HDL. I am frustrated seeing patients who are totally out of shape eating fruit loops and big macs with HDL's in the 60-90 range.

Any ideas out there from you folks?