A few months ago (3 to 5 months, not sure really) I noticed my left elbow could be a bit sore and stiff if not used for awhile.

I just presumed it must be sore from some workout or something.

Meh. Whatever.

But it's just getting worse and worse, and now my right arm is affected too.

I can lift a dumbbell OK and general movement between the extremes is OK, however fully straightening or closing the elbow is painful, gripping anything with my hand also hurts and the elbow and my thumb-to-forefinger pinch grip is weak as all heck.

It's literally painful to pick up a cup of coffee now.

For awhile I kept taking glucosamine and other such things for arthritis but you know what? I don't think it's the joint itself. I don't feel any kind of grinding or problem with the joint and if I get my wife to move the arm for me there's no pain in simply moving it.

The pain seems to be in the muscle or tendons around the elbow, though also radiating down my left forearm a little now too.

As best I can tell this is 'tendonitis' or 'tendinitis' but online resources ALL waffle on about swelling, and using ice to "reduce the swelling" and various herbs or medicines to "reduce the swelling" and other stuff, all about the darn swelling - but I don't HAVE any swelling, just sharp to dull pain.

Other places call it 'tennis elbow' - and then waffle on about reducing the non-existent swelling...

I regularly take a couple of fish-oil caps for the omega 3, which is supposed to... yep, reducing swelling.. and inflammation.

Neither elbow looks red, swollen or anything like that. Just really sore and weak grip.

Any primal peeps know what the heck this is and/or how to treat it?

Once again, it is not swollen, I don't need to reduce swelling, I need to reduce the pain... Also noticed lately that there's one especially sharp pain right on the edge of the pointy bit, really does feel like the tendon may be torn or tearing - but I haven't done anything to it to cause that and certainly haven't done anything to the right arm as I've been babying both lately while resting the left one.

Any ideas?


PS: I'm 3 days from ending my 21 day challenge, minus the workouts due to this elbow problem, which has actually gotten a lot worse during this time, not better. I have done *some* workouts but very gentle