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Thread: Health and weight gain! Let's go...

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    Health and weight gain! Let's go...


    I Started exploring primal a fortnight ago, then went away for a couple of weeks.

    Now back home and ready to do to this for real.

    Background info: I am 23, 6ft tall, 140lbs, male. Have suffered from health issues all my life. Allergies, fungal infections, hair loss, consistent low energy, consistent low mood (grumpy smurf syndrome), sinus problems, skin eruptions, difficulty gaining weight, and generally feeling like crap.

    I have been searching for a way to get better since my teenage years and have tried what felt like everything to get rid of these vague symptoms that the numerous doctors I saw would hardly even acknowledge, let alone diagnose and treat. The most specific advice they gave was, eat more and vacuum your room. Riiiight, thanks for that. I tried raw food diets, organic/whole food diets, anti-candida diets, anti fungals, nutrition supplements, weight training, week long fasts, enemas, yoga, faith healing. You name it, I've probably tried it. Nothing helped, not significantly anyway, although I learned a lot along the way. Even though I had spotted the pitfalls of conventional wisdom in other area of life, social, career etc, I was unable to step outside the 'eat grains' paradigm. Driven by conventional 'wisdom' (aka random nonsense) I avoided lots of fats and ate only lean meat. Sigh.

    Enter Mark's Primal Blueprint: I came across this site while searching for info on sleeping posture and here it was, finally, the missing piece, the holy grail of my seemingly endless quest. Two pieces of info that rocked my world. 1) Grains/too many carbs are bad (My diet was 70-80% carbs, mainly whole grains). 2) Chronic cardio mauls your health (I was training 1-2 hours per day). All the other stuff Mark recommends I already did as a consequence of my personal health mission.

    Mission statement: I will state my goals once, then get on with it. I aim to improve my health over the next year to the point where I no longer suffer from most/all of the current symptoms. I also want to gain 40lbs of weight, to bring me up to 180lbs. Beyond that I want to have the great quality of life and health that Mark and others here attribute to the primal lifestyle. I have many interests, passions, friends and ambitions and want the well-being to explore and pursue these without getting dragged down by my physical condition.

    Ready, get set, gggGROK ON!

    Charlie Primal
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